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Elias Moussa
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Elias Moussa
Ruth Lüthi-Affolter
Vice President
Psychologist, former executive county counsellor
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Ruth Lüthi-Affolter
Daniel Nyffeler
Comittee member
Vocational teacher and mediator
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Daniel Nyffeler
Ottorina Piller-Semeraro
Comittee member
Vocational counsellor
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Ottorina Piller-Semeraro
Antonio Piller
Comittee member
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Antonio Piller

Operational management

Mohamed Moussa
Operational manager
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Mohamed Moussa
Salim Moussa
Public relations
Business administrator
Fribourg / Switzerland
Portrait: Salim Moussa
Hanan Saleh
Volunteer Project Coordinator
Addis Abeba / Ethiopia
Portrait: Hanan Saleh
Ayelew Yifru
Responsible for the school canteen of Silkamba
Dessie / Ethiopia
Portrait: Ayelew Yifru
Yetimwork Kassa
Chef in charge of the school canteen Silkamba
Dessie / Ethiopia
Portrait: Yetimwork Kassa
Zeiba Mekonnen
Assistant cook
Dessie / Ethiopia
Portrait: Zeiba Mekonnen