ESAD Ethio-Swiss Association for Development

Local partners

ESAD: Local partners

Volunteers: The two "Charity Club" guarantee the proper functioning of our canteens. They are composed of teachers who know the children and their families. In particular, they are responsible for the selection of children for admission to the ESAD programme on the basis of defined criteria (orphans, half-orphans or other reasons for increased vulnerability). Specially trained teachers take care of tutoring and socio-cultural animation.

Staff: A person in charge and two cooks take care of the day-to-day management of each canteen and guide the children in taking charge of the vegetable garden.

Our administrative manager (part-time) represents ESAD to the authorities in Dessie. Another person (part-time) takes on this task in Addis Ababa. Everything is directed and supervised by our operational director of ESAD, Mr. Moussa.