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School canteens and socio-cultural animation

ESAD: School canteens and socio-cultural animation

Children of Silk Amba and Menbere Tsehay

In the quarters "Silk Amba" and "Menbere Tsehay" in Dessie/Ethiopia, we support 110 vulnerable children with warm meals in a school canteen, with tutoring and care as well as with socio-cultural animation on everyday topics, such as basic health, prevention of violence or how to plant a vegetable garden.

In the two district schools, girls and boys, Muslims and Christians, are taught together.  Some of the children are particularly vulnerable because one or both parents have died or do not have a regular income. These children  rarely have hot meals and hardly any school materials. In order to prevent the threat of dropping out of school, teachers have founded a kind of association (under the name "Charity Club") to specifically support these children. In cooperation with these local partners, ESAD built and runned a first school canteen in Silk Amba since 2017 and a second canteen in Menbere Tsehay in 2021.

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