ESAD Ethio-Swiss Association for Development

Our goals

ESAD: Our goals

Our goals

We believe in the strength of the local communities and the solidarity towards the underprivileged population in Ethiopia, in particular towards children and adolescents.

The goals of ESAD are:

  • facilitating the education of children and adolescents
  • enabling access to drinking water in rural and semi-urban regions 
  • the advancement of projects that can bring an income to deprived families 
  • the promotion of innovative projects for a lasting development of a gentle, sustainable tourism in the rural areas of Ethiopia.

In order to reach these goals we do not simply want to send financial means from Switzerland to Ethiopia. Resources could also be mobilized on a local basis, coming from those who benefit from an economic growth. Equally, a group of Ethiopians resident in Switzerland contributes financially. The support of Swiss people, foundations and institutions will bring ESAD forward – always with the purpose of solidarity and help on site.


Our effort relies on local support and a multicultural collaboration. ESAD is a charitable association in accordance with Art. 60 of the Swiss Civil code. It was founded in early 2015 in Fribourg, Switzerland. In Ethiopia, ESAD is acknowledged by the authorities as an NGO with charitable purpose.

ESAD is a member of Fribourg-Solidaire / Solidarisches Freiburg, the association of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Fribourg. |