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Political situation in Ethiopia

ESAD: Political situation in Ethiopia

September 5, 2021 16:58

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Various media have reported on the political tensions and armed clashes in Ethiopia. The media contributions are often unbalanced. The reality is more complicated than what is often portrayed. It should be taken into account that the rebels of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) have ruled Ethiopia for 27 years with an iron fist. Unfortunately, they refused to take the peaceful path initially proposed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed after he took power in 2018, and opened armed hostilities.

Many donors may wonder what impact the conflict may have on our projects. It is true that the dynamics of the conflict are worrying for the whole region. Civilians are bearing the brunt. We are following developments very closely. For the moment, the Dessie region is not directly affected by the armed conflict. Indirectly, the entire Ethiopian population is affected, for example by the effects of inflation and curfew measures.

Fortunately, we can reassure our donors that work on the second school canteen in Menbere Tsehay is proceeding normally.